Sunday, March 31, 2013

business cards...making it official!

So, I took what felt like a big step and ordered business cards today.  This was hard because I still feel like I am really far from having a design concept for SORT.  I'm in contact with a local graphic designer who is going to help me develop my brand and come up with a logo, color scheme, etc., but we are still in the very early stages and I really wanted something I could start using now.  I came up with this simple two-sided card on Vista Print so that I would have something I can start using right away.  I decided to go the cheapo route at first because it is likely that all of my contact information will change in the future.  Here's what I came up with...what do you think?

Friday, March 15, 2013

SORTing my own closet

Yesterday, I tackled another of my big spring break out my closet!  I will say that it is MUCH easier for me to help someone else go through their belongings than to cull through my own.  It was a good reminder of how emotional the process of purging can be.  In the end, I got rid of way less than I planned to...but it still feels great to get rid of a bag full of out-date clothing and to straighten and organize the "keepers".  The Sticker System helped me see which items I haven't touched since last July, which made them so much easier to part with.  I would definitely recommend it if you have trouble letting go of things you might wear again someday.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

finally...some progress made!

After procrastinating all week, I finally tackled one of my spring break projects!  Today I made a simple flyer to put in the Great Oaks Elementary School Carnival Auction next month.  As a GOE teacher, I like the idea of being able to give back to the school community by donating my time.  In addition, this is a great way to get some exposure for SORT with parents and other teachers.  I am looking forward to auctioning off this 3 hour package and seeing where it takes me!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

procrastination at it's finest

In case you are wondering, even organizers procrastinate.  Take this week, for example.  It is Spring Break, so I am off of work all week long.  The goal?  To put in significant hours working towards my business launch...creating print materials (logo and business card), contacting a graphic designer and photographer, working on this blog, creating a facebook page, joining professional organizations and researching networking groups, trudging through more of my business books and making a serious dent in my organizing books.  Needless to say, I have done none of those things yet.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SORT your closet ~ the Sticker System

One of the biggest road blocks to a well organized closet is having TOO MUCH STUFF.  Most women have felt the despair of having absolutely NOTHING to wear - usually when we are getting ready for an important event and need to be out the door in a matter of minutes.  We truly believe that we have NOTHING to wear, even though our closets are crammed full of clothes. We drive ourselves crazy, while baffling and confounding the men in our lives (who often share our closets and KNOW we have clothing enough to take up the majority of the closet space).  We dash out on that frantic last-minute shopping trip and end up buying something we don't really like, probably will never wear again, and would never have purchased in the first place if we hadn't felt so pressured to come up with an outfit RIGHT THIS MINUTE. 

In reality, we really do have some great pieces tucked away in the tangle of hangers and clothes.  Its just that the gems get buried amidst our high school prom dresses and that style that seemed like a good idea, but only looks cute on junior high girls.  Enter the STICKER SYSTEM.  This is a solution for women who want to purge, but aren't sure which pieces to ditch and which to hang onto.  It takes some patience, but in the end it will give you a clear picture of what you actually wear and what items you'd never miss if they were gone.