Sunday, February 3, 2013

simple tools - open bins

One of my favorite "tricks of the trade" is to use open storage bins whenever possible.  It's amazing how a lid can deter the average person from putting an item back where it belongs.  Baskets and bins are inexpensive and easy to find.  They act as a drawer that you can pull out as needed.  And the best part?  What goes inside the bin doesn't necessarily have to remain neat and tidy, so long as you only toss in items that belong.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

getting started

I'm sure there are a billion things I should attend to while attempting to get my fledgling business off the ground.  I'll admit, I have no clue about most of those things.  I did pick up a few fascinating reads at the library - books with titles like The Woman's Small Business Start-Up Kit and How to Start a Home-Based Business - I know, I will I ever fall asleep at night with such riveting reads on my night stand?!  But mostly, I have been thinking about the fun stuff.  What will my logo look like?  How about my website?  The hardest decision by far has been deciding upon a name.  I literally tossed and turned as I tried to decide on something that fit my vision.  I may have lost a few Facebook friends in the process, since I took my LONG and wordy decision-making process public through fb posts.  (Thanks to everyone who gave me input!)  Truth be told, I am still a little torn between "Everything Sorted" and "SORT {simple organization. real transformation.}"  I had some fun runner-ups to that I wanted to record here, so that many months from now I will remember the names that could have been.  Here were the ones at the top of the list, in no particular order:

Miss Orderly Conduct
The Missing Sock
Everything Sorted
I hope that as I move forward, SORT will feel more and more like the best fit for my business.  If not, I guess I am not opposed to editing. : /  In the meantime, my next big project is to come up with a vision statement for SORT.  Wish me luck!


Welcome to everything SORTed, a place for planting the seeds of the residential organizing company, SORT {simple organization. real transformation.}  Here I'll share my favorite organizing tips and resources, as well as my adventures in starting a new business.  I'm an elementary school teacher by day, a neat freak by nature, and an entreprenuer at heart.  I've been dreaming up ideas for SORT for at least 5 years, and while I've taken some *baby steps* towards becoming a professional organizer in the past, I am finally ready to take the PLUNGE!  My goal is to be organizing FULL TIME by the summer of 2015, if not before.  Thanks for joining me in the journey! : )