Sunday, February 3, 2013

simple tools - open bins

One of my favorite "tricks of the trade" is to use open storage bins whenever possible.  It's amazing how a lid can deter the average person from putting an item back where it belongs.  Baskets and bins are inexpensive and easy to find.  They act as a drawer that you can pull out as needed.  And the best part?  What goes inside the bin doesn't necessarily have to remain neat and tidy, so long as you only toss in items that belong.

The canvas bins in the pictures above were purchased at Lowe's, but you can find similar styles at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, the Container Store, etc.  I like the uniformity in size and color, and the fact that they can be labeled clearly on the front.  Bins like these can be given different "real estate" in your closet for different seasons.  For example, you may rotate your Scarf bin to a top shelf and swap it out for the Bathing Suit bin as the seasons change from winter to summer.
My tiny kitchen lacks drawer space, so I decided to use open bins for items that would typically take up a whole kitchen drawer.  Because my pantry is so small, the bins live on top of my fridge.  The basket on the left holds all of my dish towels, while the one on the right holds saran wrap, foil, ziploc bags, etc.  When I need these items, I just grab the whole basket and pull it down.  The items are easily accessible yet out of sight.  I love the size and shape of these Madison baskets from World Market.  They come in other sizes and colors as well.  I use them all over my house!
Also from World Market, I use open bamboo drawer organizers lined with heavy duty shelf liner to hold my hair accessories, makeup, and nail polish.  These sit on a shelf in my bathroom's small linen closet until I am ready to do my makeup or nails. Then I remove the appropriate bin and set it on the countertop for easy access.  Even when I am in a rush, it's easy to toss everything back where it goes before I walk out the door.

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