Saturday, February 2, 2013

getting started

I'm sure there are a billion things I should attend to while attempting to get my fledgling business off the ground.  I'll admit, I have no clue about most of those things.  I did pick up a few fascinating reads at the library - books with titles like The Woman's Small Business Start-Up Kit and How to Start a Home-Based Business - I know, I will I ever fall asleep at night with such riveting reads on my night stand?!  But mostly, I have been thinking about the fun stuff.  What will my logo look like?  How about my website?  The hardest decision by far has been deciding upon a name.  I literally tossed and turned as I tried to decide on something that fit my vision.  I may have lost a few Facebook friends in the process, since I took my LONG and wordy decision-making process public through fb posts.  (Thanks to everyone who gave me input!)  Truth be told, I am still a little torn between "Everything Sorted" and "SORT {simple organization. real transformation.}"  I had some fun runner-ups to that I wanted to record here, so that many months from now I will remember the names that could have been.  Here were the ones at the top of the list, in no particular order:

Miss Orderly Conduct
The Missing Sock
Everything Sorted
I hope that as I move forward, SORT will feel more and more like the best fit for my business.  If not, I guess I am not opposed to editing. : /  In the meantime, my next big project is to come up with a vision statement for SORT.  Wish me luck!

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