Wednesday, July 17, 2013

30 day Purge Project wrap up

As of today, my 30 day Purge Project is officially over.  I started out posting daily about what I was purging and why, but after about 20 posts I decided I didn’t like the way the posts were cluttering up my blog, so I removed them and decided to do one final post when the whole thing was over.  Here’s what I purged in the process:

  1. A Bert's Bees gift set (trash)
  2. Wall art (Craigslist)
  3. A mismatched lamp shade (returned to store)
  4. A necklace (donated to Dress for Success)
  5. Clothing (donated to Goodwill)
  6. 2 pairs of shoes (Goodwill)
  7. Jewelry (Goodwill)
  8. Jewelry box (Goodwill)
  9. Stella & Dot bracelet (Dress for Success)
  10. A never-been-worn bra (Dress for Success)
  11. Travel bags (Goodwill)
  12. Sunglasses (Goodwill)
  13. Box of hair dye (trash)
  14. Umbra plastic bag holder (gave to my mom)
  15. Water bottles (Goodwill)
  16. Never-used spices and ingredients (trash)
  17. Old cleaning products from previous condo owners (trash)
  18. Coozies (Goodwill)
  19. Old cell phones (HopeLine via Verizon Wireless)
  20. Junk from my "junk bowl" (trash)
  21. Huge painting from Z Gallerie (gave to my boyfriend)
  22. Candles (Goodwill)
  23. Old magazines (recycled)
  24. Decorative items that aren't my style (Goodwill)
  25. CDs and DVDs (Goodwill)
  26. Ornament and broken tape measure from my craft cabinet (trash)
  27. Dog training books, etc. (Goodwill)
  28. Formal dresses (donated Austin Fairy Godmother Boutique)
  29. Wedding dress (gave to family member)
  30. Nike + Running chip (Goodwill)
It feels great to have cleared out some space, and after ridding myself of some outdated decor I feel newly inspired to do some redecorating!

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