Saturday, June 29, 2013

simple tool - bag hook for the car

Container Store just wrapped up their annual travel sale, and though I was VERY tempted by this bag, I managed to make it through the sale with only one tiny purchase.  It's a simple thing, but it has made my car feel much more organized, so I thought I'd share.

In Austin, one-time-use plastic bags have been outlawed.  Some stores offer paper bags, but mostly Austinites are switching to reusable bags.  I fully support the eco-friendly nature of this mandate, but it is HARD to remember to bring your bags into the store.  I leave mine laying in the back seat in hopes that I will see them on my way out.  This works for me because no one sits in the back on a regular basis, but it still feels kind of like a mess.  I want my bags to be in sight, but not in the way.  Here's the new gadget that solved that problem:

Now my bags hang neatly from the back of my driver's seat (I put all of my bags inside one skinny reusable bag so it's easy to grab the whole bunch when I head into the store).  Voila!  Underneath the bags, I use a caddy that is actually a scrapbooking organizer.  It houses an emergency first aid kit, coupons, umbrella, a bible, a lint roller, bug spray, sun screen, and extra set of glasses, a pen and paper, and some CDs.  The pocket behind the seat holds Stella & Dot catalogs in a plastic folder.

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