Thursday, June 20, 2013

SORTed lives ~ little girl's closet

I loved doing a closet makeover for this little cutie!  Her family recently moved into a new home, where her closet is much smaller than before.  Her mom indicated that the biggest problem in this closet was the lack of visibility and access for her first grade daughter.  As you can see, the family attempted to remedy the problem with a small step stool, but because the floor of the closet was pretty full, there was nowhere for the stool to "live" and the doors of the closet always stood open.

On the top shelf of the closet was a collection of blankets, purses, old lunch boxes and backpacks, electronics, keepsakes and jewelry.  None of these items are used often, so they do not need to be easily accessible to the little girl, but it would be helpful to create a system so that the contents of the shelf are clear.

We started the process by removing everything from the closet and sorting it into categories.  With like items grouped together, we assessed how much of each type of item we had.  We added a low hanging bar to the closet so that the little girl can better reach her clothing.  Her sleeveless and short- sleeved tops hang on the low bar, with pants and skirts above and long-sleeved tops and dresses to the left.  In the winter, long- and short-sleeved tops can swap places to make the seasonally appropriate clothing most accessible. We cleared the floor area, leaving only a trunk full of dolls and doll clothes, to make room for her footstool. 

On the top shelf, we containerized and labeled the infrequently used bags, purses, blankets, etc. so that items are easily seen and accessed.  These open bins take advantage of previously wasted vertical space and allow for visibility, even from below.  Plus, the pink adds a cute pop of color that ties together with the rest of her bedroom decor!

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