Monday, June 24, 2013

SORTed lives ~ little boy's closet

This motivated mama and I tackled her third-grade son's closet while he was away at Grandma's house this week.  Before re-organizing, there was clothing spread out over several hanging bars. Along the back wall, two large organizing tools (a wooden rack and hanging shelves) were inefficiently holding books, shoes, belts, and sports equipment. Crates and boxes underneath the clothing held books, and an overflowing hamper shoved in the back corner contained dress-up clothing. 


First, we removed the inefficient organizing tools. The clothing was sorted and much of it was purged or passed to little brother's room. Clothing was grouped according to type, and all of it fit easily on the bottom hanging rod. On the shelf above the rod, we added an 8-cube organizer by Closetmaid to hold shorts, bathing suits, socks, pajamas, shoes, etc. with canvas drawers to contain the smaller items. Underneath the clothing are two Sterilite drawers to hold books, making them much easier to access. An open bin holds socks.  The dress-up clothes were relocated to the dresser in the bedroom and the hamper will now be used for dirty clothes.


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